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Today we’ll talk about one of the best brokers in the world. As you know, Cristian AP likes to try the best software and then recommend them to us so we can make money. That’s the case with IC Markets.

For him, it is the best broker for Forex traders. The minimum deposit for this one is just $200! Then you can deposit $10 or $15, however much you really want. The most amazing thing is that it is available worldwide, except in the United States. We will leave you the link at the end of the video so you can visit it and get your free demo account!


For people who do not know, Cristian has a group of Forex signals which is called BLW SIGNALS GROUP. It is nowadays the best Forex community! In the same way we will leave you the link so you can look.

This is made up of a group of expert traders who are basically going to send you signals and tell you where to buy and where to sell. Then you just must apply the signals on your broker to start making money. Some comments have been seen on Discord that the trades are probably lost, but it is because each administrator has 2-3 lost trades and about 4-5 won. So, you can start trying these signals in one of the best brokers!

Christian results applying the signals in one of the best brokers!

Now let’s look at Cristian’s results in the previous month. He had a balance of $220 and managed to get $1000. He would lose positions of $57, $15, $43 like that small amount, but when he won, he would get positions of $105, $228, $204. With these results, Cristian obtained an increase of 20% more or less in his account.

Remember that these signals were applied in one of the best brokers, IC Markets. It offers us a lot of advantages, that’s why we like to trade with it.

How do I place these positions Cristian?

He always places positions that he follows from the BLW SIGNALS GROUP. Last month he decided to have his personal trade, it is not signals that he follows, but now he enters his own analysis based on imbalances that he finds. The profit he has made is better than last month!

How do you follow the signals?

It’s quite simple! They just give you the entry price, the stop loss and so on. And what you’ll have to do is wait for their parameters and enter. Always remember to not risk more than 1 or 2%. Then wait for the returns, as simple as that! And obviously, follow the instructions of the admins.

The signals group has a Discord channel where many people will tell you how the configurations are and so on. You can also get tips from the admins or other members and interact with them, which is awesome!

How can you join this signals group?

To start, we will leave you the link here where you can subscribe for a month for only $47 and have access to all Forex signals. If you pay $247, you’ll get the 6-month plan. And for $427 you can get a year of access to thus make much more money!

If you don’t have that much, you could start with a month, once you get the set of signals you can access the BLW FX TOOL which is a different indicator for Forex that comes in the purchase of the BLW Signals Group!

Ready to try one of the best brokers with the best signals?

Remember that the best combination that you can do in these times is to use one of the best brokers of the moment. Yeah, IC Markets! And of course, choose BLW SIGNALS GROUP. This is the perfect combination for you to make thousands of dollars!