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If you are starting in the world of binary options, you must know that one of the most important things you need to start is a good broker. That’s why we have made this article, to show you the best brokers recommended by Cristian AP, the CEO of BLW.

Cristian is an expert trader who has more than 5 years of experience, he is also a full-time YouTuber whose objective is to help people make money!  Since he has a lot of experience, he has been able to try different brokers and today we’ll see the ones he recommends to us.

But, what is a broker?

Let’s start explaining what a broker is. A broker is an intermediary that oversees connecting traders with the markets, putting in a class of agreements with buyers and sellers according to their needs. With a broker, you will find the best operations and thus maximize your profits. Your money will be on a broker, that is why is SO IMPORTANT to have a good one.

Why is it important to choose a good broker?

Apart from facilitating operations with multiple securities, a broker is also responsible for buying and selling shares of a specific company. Otherwise, it can also help you keep an eye on the value of your shares and thus sell them before they fall. That is why you must know which broker you are going to use to operate within binary options.

A good broker must be regulated, it has to have support, someone you can contact in case of any issue, and other features that are important. Let’s see which brokers have those features.

QUOTEX is a nice option for you!

We will start talking about the broker QUOTEX. This is one of the brokers that Cristian AP has used and tested for more than a year and a half, it is a broker dedicated to binary options. Let’s see some of its features:

-User-friendly platform: It is so easy to use that we are still using this specific broker, it does not matter your level of experience, you’ll be able to use it since it has a nice user-friendly platform.

-Available worldwide: Quotex is very trustworthy and most importantly, it is available worldwide and 100% regulated. Remember that if a broker is regulated this assures us that our money will be safe.

-Nice Payouts: Another feature of this broker is the payouts that are always consistent with the correct pairs. The payouts usually range from 70-90 which is a really good thing.

-Accessible minimum deposit: The minimum deposit of this broker is 10 dollars and the minimum amount of each operation is 1 dollar, nice right?

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IQ Option, have you tried it?

It is a broker that has a lot of history, it was established in 2013 and its growth has been very good since then, it has around 100 million users, which makes it awesome!

This specific broker has very good reviews highlighting its unique features as a platform, such as the inclusion of new contracts on shares and capital traded on the exchange. This broker incorporates investments in currencies and offers a product of the same brand called “digital options”.

Let’s see some of its features:

-More than 300 assets: IQ Option has more than 300 assets available worldwide and the coolest thing is that it ranges from start-ups to much more established companies.

-Minimum deposit: Well, on the other hand, we can tell you that the minimum deposit in IQ Option can be only 10 dollars, the platform will not charge you any type of commission, there is also a maximum amount that can be made per day, the maximum of this broker would be 1,000. 000 dollars!

-Demo account: If you are new in this business, you can start using the IQ Option’s demo account for free, once you are ready, you can use their real account and make money!

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POCKET OPTION, do you know it?

On the other hand, we will also talk about the POCKET OPTION broker, which is probably the oldest broker that Cristian AP has used and is still using in binary options due to its awesome features. Let’s see:

-Copy trading: If you do not feel ready yet to make money with your trades, do not worry, you can do copy trading! You’ll see the trades of other people and you’ll be able to copy them to make money!

-Better Payouts: Pocket Option has much better payouts than other brokers in regular markets like OTC. Payouts from this broker range from 86 to 92%.

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Which one will you choose?

Now that you know that Cristian AP has also used these brokers, we are sure that you will have much more confidence to use them. We also need to highlight that all of those brokers have a support team that will help you in case of any issue, which is an important feature that every broker must have.

Remember to let us know your opinion about our review and share our article with your friends!