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Do you know who’s the best Binary Options trader? Well, BLW has one of the best traders, his name is Marcel! He has a particular way of sending signals. He is very careful of where to input the trades. He makes it much easier for us to follow his signals!

Signals with the best trader, Marcel!

We want to show you the last operation that Marcel sent. You can see it more detailed in the video below. The position is for a USD call. So, the blue line crosses the orange line that marks the RSI break right now.

Marcel offers a different stochastic oscillator. This trader puts an RSI and 4 stochastics, 2 and 2. So, he makes a different setup for the signals, with 3 minute expiry candles. What we can tell you is to wait for the blue line to cross the stochastic and that is when we have to enter!

The previous pair was EUR/AUD and he said that the RSI will probably break. So he wanted people to make sure the line is in position for a call. Then Marcel showed the entry and everyone made money! What we want to share with you is that Marcel is very detailed and patient when it comes to sending signals. Plus,  he sends signals for about 4 hours, so he is the person who sends signals the most in our BLW Binary Master App!

Cristian gave 6 months signs!

Cristian has now been sending signals in the BLW Binary Master App for 6 months. He tells us that he accepts that Marcel sends better signals than him!

Many people still want to see Cristian, so he will be doing exclusive live webinars. For the moment, what Cristian will do is to follow Marcel’s signals. But there is an 80% chance that Cristian will stop sending signals. Why? Cristian wants to focus on videos about website functionality, opportunities to earn money, etc.

Do you want to make as much money as these traders?

Cristian tells us that he doesn’t want to be selfish, he will continue with the signs, but for himself. He doesn’t feel better than anyone and tells us that Marcel is better than him at sending signals. Marcel is helping a lot of making a lot of people money. So, if you want to follow him, you should go to


The BLW Binary Master App has very accessible prices, includes an indicator, and the opportunity to trade with the best trader! So, you should go and join now since we have just a few spots available!