Best Binary Options Strategy Combination of History

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There is one Binary Options Strategy that is known online as the Best Binary Options Strategy in the world. Here is that strategy EXPLAINED:

In that Strategy we talk mostly about 2 minute time frames. Nevertheless, THE SAME STRATEGY works perfectly in 5 Minute Time Frame as well. This is super convenient when it comes to choosing a broker, since many brokers don’t have 2 Minutes as expiry. In addition, there are DOUBLE entry opportunities to enter positions.

I even tested this strategy LIVE and showed you the results that I had trading using this combination. But even though I tested it myself, ALWAYS REMEMBER TO TEST IT ON DEMO! Remember that you can get a demo account with IQ Option Here with $10,000 to practice, and also a FREE Pocket Option Demo account with $1,000 to practice as well.

I tested this Best Binary Options Strategy Combination around 14:00 GMT to 16:00 GMT, so your results may vary depending on your schedule, but as long as you avoid High Impact News, you should be around the same ITM Rate.

In the following video, I show you a PERFECT COMBINATION between the two of the strategies and some EXTRA TIPS to make it even MORE PROFITABLE! Are you ready for that training? Let’s go:

REMEMBER to always avoid high impact news, as explained in this article.

I hope you enjoyed this training and if you did, leave a comment below. Ask any question, share any testimonial or share any thoughts in regards to this blog. Thanks for watching!