Best Binary Options Strategy 2020

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Here I’ll tell you what I explain on this video about the Best Binary Options Strategy of 2020. The best one for me is the 2-minute strategy. You will learn how to set the 2-minute strategy and how start using it today to make money!

What are we going to do?

Here you will learn the easy way to use this strategy. First, we will choose the CAD/JPY pair. I recommend you use it in 2 minutes. This so you can have enough time for the trade to expire and respect the movement. Now I will add some indicators, you need to also add a moving average.

You will add a moving average with the period of 6 with a blue color. Then you will add a second moving average with a period of 14 with a yellow color. And now we will add another one with a period of 50 with a white color.

So how does this strategy work?

Simple, when the blue moving average with the period of 6 crosses the moving average with the period of 14, you need to enter the trade with the direction of the blue line. If it is going down it will be a put. If it is going up it will be a call. You need to refer also to the moving average with the period of 50. That is because that one is going to identify the trend. What you need to do is enter the trade for 2 minutes once the yellow line crosses the blue one.

How do I know if I should enter the trade or not?

You need to add a MACD indicator and leave it as default. And you need to look if the MACD crosses in the direction that you think that the moving averages are going to cross. It is very important to avoid the three bull news. I also recommend you to not place more than 5 trades during the day and stop after 2 OTM’S.

To conclude, I always recommend you watch the full explanation at my video. This so you can understand further details about how to use this strategy. And do not forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel Binary Living Way so you can learn more about online trading and become an expert!