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Can you become a millionaire with Binary Options or with Forex? In the following article, we will talk about a very important topic! Many people wonder if they can become millionaires trading these two options, so, keep reading to know more about it!

The truth of Binary Options and Forex

We are going to start by discovering some secrets not revealed by many brokers in the world!  Many people think that joining Binary Options and Forex is easy and that you can make money right away! They think that you can become a millionaire overnight and it is not!

Let us tell you that the industry moves millions of dollars. But not everything is online, many merchants like us lose a lot of money, but this is due to a lack of education!  Everything applies to binary options as well as Forex. So, to be successful in these markets or to be a millionaire, you must have a lot of knowledge and a lot of experience.

So, consider this, you will not become millionaire overnight, you must work hard for it and educate yourself! And how much do you need to start? $1000 is a pretty good number. And let us give you some advice, do not put your credit card information, since it is your first investment!

Emotions don’t help if you want to become a millionaire!

A very important issue when trading are emotions! A lot of people think that they can become millionaires in just minutes, so they over trade and end up losing all their money!

Yeah, emotions make you do things you don’t want. They control you or let you think clearly, and you will end up making bad decisions. 98% of people lose money in Binary Options and Forex.

So, the best and the main thing would be that you make an investment in yourself, but how? By this we mean that you get education. For example, invest money in a $25 personal training academy, spend more time so that you can become an expert. There are many ways that you can gain experience and it would be to learn from the mistakes of others! And, if you do something wrong try not to do it again.

Practice makes perfect if you want to become a millionaire!

You can become a millionaire in trading if you are persistent and you practice a lot! One of the key points of these markets is that you start practicing in free demo accounts! For example, you can do it in brokers like IQ OPTION, POCKET OPTION and many more brokers with totally free demo accounts! Amazing right?

In these accounts you will be able to operate excessively until you get the right experience! On the other hand, you could also read books or online. You will be able to find a lot of articles, like this one! Just try to make sure that the websites are legitimate so that they can teach you well the training you need.

Another very important issue is that it doesn´t matter how you are going to operate. Whether it is with a software or manually, it does not make a difference. You can earn money in both ways! But you do need to have the knowledge to be able to earn money.

How does a broker work?

Now we want to mention that a broker makes money when you lose it. For example, if you win a million dollars, they will have to pay you that money, for which you may even find several obstacles so that they can pay you.

Cristian AP shows us an example of his experience! He has had a lot of money in different brokers, and it has cost him to be able to withdraw the money. In these cases, the brokers want to negotiate with you so that you do not withdraw the money. Logically because it is not convenient for them.

When you are in this position that you want to withdraw large amounts of money there will always be obstacles. And you will have to be very smart. When it comes to really large amounts, you will have to be willing to go through a difficult process. Brokers ask for documentation such as an extra-identification from the government, things like that. Basically, what they do is to find ways not to pay you the money.

Invest your money so you can become a millionaire!

One of the best pieces of advice we can give you is, if you want to be a millionaire invest money in real estate. Yeah, buy apartments or houses no matter where you live. This is the best investment in the world. So, maybe you are not a millionaire specifically from binary options, but you can benefit from them!

In terms of approximately 3 months, you will be able to buy a house in cash, without loans or mortgages.


Binary options and Forex are a business where you can make thousands of dollars. But it will not be easy. If you want help, we advise you to join Cristian AP’s training academy, you can learn what Binary Options and Forex are, and a lot of types to make money!


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    1. Our signals are great, but as the article says, you can use binary and forex to generate some extra income, then you can start investing that money on other things and you’ll make even more money!

      Remember that this will not happen overnight, you must work hard for it. Remember that here you can find more content and reviews about the BLW products we have 😉

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