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There is a way to earn money without giving money in advance, this is affiliate marketing! But what is affiliate marketing? It’s a way in which you can earn money by recommending different products to people.

For example, with coke, we don’t know if they do it. But, if they had an affiliate program you would see a lot of people saying: “Hello, I like to drink coke, you should drink coke too”. So, if people consume the product, you are referring them to, you will get a small commission. As simple as that!

How much money can you earn with affiliate Marketing?

On Cristian AP’s YouTube channel, you can actually see that he is actually making around $100,000 through affiliate marketing. Awesome right?

There are making over half a million dollars every month through affiliate marketing. There are even some agencies that make millions of dollars a month. Obviously with an agency it is different because it pays for ads and so on. So, there are many ways to make money with affiliate marketing.

Cristian tells us that when he started, he earned $25 the first time. Then $200, so he went up suddenly and he reached $3000. Basically, he had to take care of his campaigns, upload some articles, or send some emails, social networks, etc. For doing this, Cristian earns around $7,000 a week.

How does Cristian manage to make this?

You can do this too! There is a misconception when it comes to affiliate marketing that it is a competition between YouTube, websites, or social networks. All three ways are very good, for example, there are many who only do affiliate marketing through social media.

Cristian tells us that he started on websites and when he felt a little more comfortable, he began to do YouTube. So, once he got knowledge, he decided to do it on social networks and began to earn money there. It is amazing if you can master it and get the knowledge you need.

Should you go with affiliate marketing or day trading?

The answer is, why not enter with both? But an honest answer is that affiliate marketing is easier than day trading. It’s easier because you won’t have to learn data like lot size, leverages and so on. It’s less knowledge but it takes a lot more work.

With day trading, as long as you really learn the basics you can start trading every day. With affiliate marketing you are going to have some passive income for a long time. Whereas with day trading if you get sick or your computer crashes you will have no place to trade that is the main difference. So, Cristian’s advice is to do both, so trust Cristian when you combine both wins.


Affiliate marketing is a very good way for you to make money! Remember that it requires a lot more work, but your earnings will be like the results Cristian has been getting. We hope this information will be of great help for your training as a professional trader.

And do not forget to visit Cristian’s YouTube channel where you will find related topics and many more tips on how to make money online!