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This robot can make you earn $8,000 in 1 hour! Is it possible? Well, this robot was discovered by Cristian AP. He was looking for how to create a strategy, for which he found a YouTube channel where there are many videos about it. But this had coding and stuff.

So, after a few days, Cristian realized that they had uploaded a video about a robot that works with funding accounts. It is a robot, something like a tech robot. Apparently, it places many positions at the same time, so he decided to try it! He is planning to place a stop loss that is so minimal that you can lose 1 dollar or 10 cents. But for profits, you can make 20 or 50.  The risk is so low that it is worth it!

How does the robot work?

The way the code works is so simple! It works with funded accounts. So, you just need to drag it and configure it so it can work. It has some settings that you will need to change, it provides some presets that you can use depending on the funded account you are using with it. So, just by following the instructions you will be able to pass the funded account. So you don’t need any additional proof to see how wonderful it is!

Cristian tells us that he will use this robot with the BLW Signals Group’s signals. He is going to try to get a funded account by getting those signals. In the account that he is going to place his funds, Cristian will first be in Forex class funds. This is the main recommended funded account company for this robot, and it is great!

This is the one that Cristian will be using, he is not affiliated or anything like that. So, if you want to use the same one, check the payments and things like that, but this article is not sponsored. As you know, we like to try tools to make money and recommend them to you.

Cristian’s experience with the robot?

So, Cristian got an account of 100,000 with a value of 525 dollars. So, it is assumed that he will be able to get 8% which is around 8,000 dollars. Cristian wanted to talk about this on December 30, but the market was still closed. Cristian tells us that he has already passed phase 1. And, that when he has passed to the next phase, he will keep us updated.

With this, you will have 5 trading days. It means even if you reach your goal in one day, you still need to trade 4 more days with a very minimum! This is so you don’t lose money. Then you would have to do it for 5 more days in part number 2 so that you have a funded account in 10 days. So we’ll leave you the link to this website so you can take a look. We are not sure if they have limited places, but the cost of this robot is 900 euros. It is worth it!


Apparently, this robot has limited space.  The good thing is that it is only a single payment and you can use it forever. You will be able to pass a funded account every two weeks. We hope that the information we provided you can be helpful. And, remember that this robot is specifically for funded accounts!