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$96.000 is A LOT of money! And guess who made that amount? Cristian AP, the CEO of BLW, in case you do not know, he is now sending signals in the BLW Binary Master APP!

The BLW Binary Master APP is a binary application which has a live signals section where Cristian AP and Marcel, another expert trader send signals so you can make your account grow! Let’s see how he made that amount!

Cristian AP, an expert trader!

Probably you are wondering how Cristian AP is going to help you make money. Well, it is very simple, he will analyze the market for you and see which trades are the most favorable. All you must do is wait, once he sends you instructions you will need to place your trades and you will see the results!

What is the schedule?

You will find signals sent by Cristian AP every day from Monday to Friday, starting at 15:00 GMT in the BLW Binary Master App!

The signals are not sent by WhatsApp or Telegram, you’ll see a special section in the BLW Binary Master App! You’ll see two different chatrooms; one is used by Cristian to send the signals and there is also a chatroom so you can interact with other members and share tips!

Practice makes perfect!

Practice makes perfect, so we always recommend you start practicing on a demo account first if you are new in the BLW Binary Master App. Plus, you’ll find amazing webinars where Cristian and Marcel will explain you how to follow their signals and why it is so important that the RSI touch first so you can get a winning position!

How much could you have won?

So, at the beginning of the article, we told you that Cristian was able to make $96,000 in the BLW Binary Master App with his live signals. Now we’ll see how that happened. The results have been 16-2, 9-2, 18-3, 13-0, 13-4, 8-2, 10-2, 14-2, and 6-0, this makes a total of 109 positions won and 15 lost, with a total of 87.90%! This is an extremely good percentage! So, if you have followed Cristian’s signals you could have won a lot!

What do we recommend?

We always recommend you start operating with 1% of your balance, let’s say you had 200 in your account and let’s say that 5% was your investment, you would have 900 to 967 dollars of profit! This is insane!

A lot of people are currently making money with those signals, we do not like you to be the exception!  If you had 300 dollars you could get 29,000 profits, now if you traded with 1000 dollars per operation you could get up to 96,750 dollars per month, the amount that Cristian Ap made!

How were the withdrawals that Cristian AP made?

Cristian’s last withdrawals were 3 days later, exactly on July 21st, he decided to withdraw 25,000 dollars and then on August 1st another 25,000 dollars more!

In fact, he managed to withdraw 75,000, since the account reached 100,000! As you can see, it is possible to make money in Binary Options and with BLW! BLW has a group of experts whose main objective is help you make money, there is no magic or any scam behind this!

It is time for you to make money too!

We just have a recommendation for you, hurry up and join the BLW Binary Master APP! We are sure that once you join, get the education and practice, you will see results in a few weeks! Plus, we offer you super accessible prices, let’s see!

-1 MONTH per just $107.00

-6 MONTHS for $567.00

-YEARLY PACKAGES for $997.00


As you can see, the BLW Binary Master App is a super profitable application, it is currently the most powerful app of BLW! Just imagine all the money you could make if you get it for 12 months! It will not be a waste of money; it is a GREAT INVESTMENT! We hope to see you there soon!