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In this article, we will talk about 7 mistakes that you are making that are making you waste all your time and cannot bring you any kind of profit when doing your daily trading.

7 mistakes they are making and how to solve it?

Now, I will show you the 7 mistakes that you are making and that do not allow you to perform any good analysis in order to receive extra profits within your daily trading.

  1. Complaints: Complaining will not be able to help you at all, the only thing you will achieve with this will be to fill yourself with hate, anger and then you will not want to carry out your trading. To completely eliminate this bad thought, I recommend you look for real sources of information on how the market works, see reviews about some brokers and also look for strategies that are effective so that they can help you increase your profit percentage during your daily trading.



  • Increase your real account: If you worry about increasing your real account constantly, making a loss will affect your mood too much and you may think that it is not good for you as a trader. I recommend that you do not look only at being able to increase the number in your real account, you must accept that sometimes you can lose money, and it is valid because the online market has the nature of being unstable and constantly changing.
  • Success of another person: It is not bad to focus, on the profits that another trader has or everything he has achieved, since it can distract you and create a very strong feeling of envy. I do not mean that you cannot be inspired by any other trader and that you can guide yourself from the advice and the way of trading of that person because this can help you become an expert trader since you are looking for material to educate yourself. I want to say that you do not need to  get obsessed with wanting to achieve the good results of another person because this can cause a feeling of frustration and disappointment towards yourself.
  • Switching strategies: One of the biggest mistakes that can come when you start trading is constantly changing the strategy you are using for another. This will cause you to not learn to trade with that strategy in a proper way and believe that no strategy works and the entire market to make money online is a complete farce. First you must study the strategy, look for books or videos that are useful to you in order to fully understand the strategy and then practice on your demo account so as not to generate any losses in your real account.
  • Do not practice: The biggest mistake you can make when you enter the world of trading is to carry out your operations without practicing, this work is based on constant practice so that you can understand in more depth how this type of market works, practice the strategies that interest you and are accepted for the type of market you want to analyze.
  • Rest: If you want to become an expert trader you should keep in mind that although it is valid to rest, you will not be able to do it all the time because in order to understand the market in its entirety, you will need to dedicate as much time as you can to learning new strategies, practicing strategies created by other traders or so you can invent a new strategy and most importantly, learn to control your emotions when you find yourself trading.



  • Chasing the big bucks: If you are a beginner trader and it is your first-time trading in any market to make money online, do not use too much money to operate because by not having the necessary experience and entering a high amount of money you have the probability of losing the transaction. I recommend you that if you are a novice, you try investing small amounts in each of your transactions while you are analyzing the market. But if you are an expert trader and you have the necessary capital to invest high amounts in your transactions, I recommend that although your analysis is very precise and you very rarely get losses in your real account, do not use large amounts of money constantly because it can become too dangerous. If you get a lot of money and lose the transaction, this can generate a bad reaction in you and can affect your mood throughout the day.


If you follow these steps so as not to waste your time while you are trading, I can assure you that you will obtain more profits than normal, because personally, as an expert trader that I am today, when I began to enter the world of trading, I made these same mistakes and I missed many good opportunities. So, I wish that you do not go through that situation and below, I will show you a video that contains more detail everything you just read.