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You may not have noticed it, but there are activities that people with a low budget do but rich people do not. For this reason, in this article you will find information about habits that you should not do so you can obtain better results.

  • Watch TV vs Reading Books

Even if the idea is a bit tedious for you, if you start reading books instead of watching tv you will be able to obtain more knowledge than you had before, and this can help you in an unimaginable way. If you cannot concentrate when reading a book directly, you can listen to an audiobook, in this way you can listen to it wherever you are and you can more easily absorb all the education that the audiobook provides you. People who watch too much TV waste valuable time that could be used to get education and for this reason you should avoid doing watching too much tv so you can better results.



  • Paid based on time vs Paid based on results

When you have that lousy mentality, the only thing you can achieve is that instead of pursuing a goal, you will be chasing a clock that tells you the hours you will work. And usually what poor people do is think, hopefully Friday will come, or we’ll go out partying, because they have the mentality of fulfilling a work schedule. But if you concentrate on generating profits based on your results you can improve your mentality and remove from your head thoughts that will not help you increase the capital of your real account.

  • Blame others vs Take responsibility

You must constantly remember that a poor person finds himself complaining all the time, even about the good things that happen around him. But instead of complaining all the time, rich people take responsibility and find their own resources to improve despite the bad days. This does not mean that you can sit around all your life waiting for something to happen to save you, if you want to become a rich person you should look for opportunities that help you increase not only your capital, but also your education.

  • Focus on saving vs. Focus on investing

Poor people constantly focus on saving rather than wisely investing their capital. A clear example could be that instead of taking the cheapest product you find in the supermarket; you could hurry up in making your products and go to your workplace to better invest that time and produce extra profits. You must recognize the difference between a saver and a savior who is investing, I do not want to imply that saving is a bad idea, saving can only help you if you re-invest that money that you find yourself saving in a wise way so that you can increase the initial amount of your savings more and more. But if you save and never look for ways to increase your capital, you will not be able to get the mentality of a rich person and you will be wasting your money in the worst way.

  • Think “they know it all” vs Focus on learning

Poor people usually have the thought that they do not need to learn more because with the knowledge they have they live a comfortable life even if they are not rich, they also constantly say “I prefer to spend time with my family instead of working”. But what a rich person really thinks is, “I prefer to work so that I can provide a better life for my family and be able to spend quality time with each one of them” it does not matter if you spend a lot of time with your family if you have to worry about paying taxes or if you have fights all the time because the money is not enough to cover the basic needs.

Also, one of the main characteristics of rich people is that they are constantly looking for ways to educate themselves and be able to learn information on how to do a good job and thus be able to find another way to generate profits. They don’t settle for doing mediocre work, they settle for doing not just one job, but several great jobs that will bring them more opportunities to grow their account.

  • Money is evil vs Poverty is evil

Regularly most people who live in a third world country tend to think that money is bad, but as a piece of paper or the currency of your country it can become bad if it is not even worth it. But what is really bad is the love of money that people usually have, because unfortunately when they do not have the amount of money that helps them obtain basic needs, they do bad things like stealing and this can happen at any country, not only in third world countries. This does not mean that if you get too much money you will become a bad person, you can become a person who donates a certain part of the money to foundations or organize events for children who do not have a home.



  • Lottery mentality vs Action mentality

Poor people are hoping that a magic trick or lottery ticket will make them rich, but rich and self-improving people act mentality. This is about not expecting that you will magically get all the money you want and looking for ways to reach your goal in an effective way.


The advice you just received was given by a person who was able to overcome himself by changing all these bad habits that he had, I am talking about the expert trader Cristian AP, I can assure you that if you make these small changes, you will be able to achieve your goal of becoming a rich person. When I refer to a poor person, I did not want to imply that they did not have money, but poor knowledge because it is useless to have all the money in the world if you do not know how to take advantage of it in a correct way. Now, I will show you a video where you can find in detail what you just read: