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If you’re looking for extra income, this 5-minutes strategy is for you! Remember, this information is about a regular trader who wants to share his results with you. And, in this way you may want to do the same. It is an amazing strategy that can help you make money with Binary Options.

How does the 5-minutes strategy work?

There are 2 paths to day trading. For example, $5,000 was entered into a 5-minute position. What if we enter a 5-minutes position on a half candle? Then you can easily lose money. What if we enter a 5-minutes position and then the candle expires? Or expires at the top, well then you would lose all your money.

A piece of advice given by Warren Buffet says, “don’t put all your eggs in your basket”. So, what you will have to do is diversify, thus risking less. In the video below, you’ll see this deeply explained. We recommend you watch it because you’ll see the live trades that Cristian applied for 5-minutes. With that you’ll understand better how this works!

Diversify your entries!

There are accounts where you can risk from $25 to $25,000, so the ideal is to risk at least 10% of your balance.  Then that would be approximately $2,500. Instead of entering with that money, you could enter, for example, 6 positions of $300. It means that if you win 4 positions and lose 2 you will still be making money. Great right?

So, in this way you can diversify your entries and get better entry points in the same direction. Cristian gives us a clear example when operating in this way and tells us that he managed to earn more than $9,000 in a single session. Now he is in the top 10 of the best traders in QUOTEX! Cristian tells us that soon he will try to do the same by placing 8 positions of $100.

Do you want to operate with Cristian?

So, if you want to follow these live trading signals with Cristian, you can do it! Where? In the BLW Binary Master APP https://www.blwbinarymasterapp.com.

Cristian will be there every day at 15GMT. The BLW Binary Master APP has live signals and an application. You can choose the option that suits your needs! You can join with three options $67 for a month, $367 for 6 months, and $667 to use for a year!


This 5-minutes strategy in binary options is very good, as you could see, Cristian managed to make more than $9,000 dollars in a single session! But you will have to follow the instructions that he gives so that you can obtain these results. We hope that this information can be valuable for you and that you know how to take advantage of it!