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If you are interested in how you can start earning $100 daily with binary options in a reliable and safe way Keep reading this article you will find three different ways in which you can achieve this goal.

Basic recommendation

Constantly remember that for you to operate in the binary options market and in another market that interests you to start trading, you need to have a strategy that you can understand and that suits your basic needs as a trader. It must also be suitable for the market you want to start trading, because the way to analyze the market with a Forex strategy will not be the same as the one that can be analyzed in a Binary Options market. Below, you can find 3 different strategies that can help you achieve the goal of generating $100 per day on your own.

Support and resistance

Although you think that it is one of the oldest strategies that exist in the world of trading and that it is an obsolete strategy, the reality is that it is one of the most precise strategies that you can find in the world of binary options.

In order to start using this strategy you must modify your timeframe to 1 hour so you can appreciate how it moves and if it is respecting the market trend. When you want to trade, you will have to change the time frame to 15 or 10 minutes. What you need to find are the high points and the low points of the trend in the last hours. For this strategy you will not have to use any kind of indicator, just a simple horizontal line. With this strategy you can have too many types of entry and it works when the candlestick reaches the highest level, then in the next candlestick you must place a Put and when it is at the lowest point you must place a Call in the next candlestick.



2 Minutes Strategy

The first thing you should do is enter the two-minute charts so that each candle can end at the exact moment when the 2 minutes are up. After this, you will have to enter 2 indicators which are:

  • Moving Average with a period of 6, blue color, SMA.
  • Moving Average with a period of 14, yellow color, SMA.

To follow this strategy, it is waiting for these indicators to cross so you can operate, if the indicators cross above the candles, then you must enter a Call signal. But if they cross below the candlesticks, then you will have to enter a Put signal and the line that can tell you where the candlestick will move will be the blue line. The precision of this strategy is too high, it is 80 or even 95% and this is because the changes determine the change of the trend too quickly. The disadvantage of this strategy is that being fast, you can miss the entry points that are better and be able to get a loss, to avoid this you must be fast and practice how to enter a demo account.

3 Minutes Strategy

This strategy is based on 2 different indicators that you will use:

  • Keltner Channel.
  • Stochastic oscillator.

Remember that you should not modify this indicators because otherwise the strategy will not work effectively. In order to follow this strategy, you will have to monitor the trend of the pair you are going to use, and you must enter when you are offered an oversold, that means, it must exceed the limits of the Keltner Channel and continue above the stochastic levels.

You must edit and choose the overbought market at 80 and the oversold market at 20, the timeframe that you must use for this strategy will be 1 minute to be able to see the change of the candles in a more detailed way. The accuracy of this strategy is 88 to 98%, but the problem is that the entry points are sometimes difficult to have 2 confirmations, this is because many times you will not be able to notice the stochastic crossing and, therefore, it will be very dangerous to enter also it is not safe for you to enter at that time because it may be too confusing.




My recommendation is that before starting to practice any strategy that you have just visualized, you should practice too much so that you do not ruin your real account. I also recommend that if you are a beginner trader you should not make too much money because it can be dangerous, because if you do not have any kind of knowledge about the market and you do not practice the strategies before you can lose too much money. Now, you can find a video where you will find in more detail how each strategy works and what is the exact moment where you should enter: https://youtu.be/A0_Jh-_nlmI