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Today we’ll give you three tips to grow your account at the BLW Signals Group! Keep reading because this information will help you make a lot of profits while you trade.

Choose one signal provider to grow your account!

First, you need to choose one signal provider. The BLW Signals Group currently has 5 signal providers. They’re experts who will make your account grow.  So, get yourself a signal provider, stick to his strategy and just follow the signals.

They always send their rules to trade before their session, so make sure to read them. So, simply stick to that administrator with whom you are going to make money. Remember that they have different schedules, so you must consider this too. The BLW Signals Group has a discord group where you’ll be able to interact with the admins and solve queries.

Don’t do double trades!

This is tip number two to make your account grow! When you do a double trade, this is a new mistake. For example, you enter a trade and then you see that it is a call option. So, you see the price starts to drop and you enter a second trade at a lower level to recoup your losses.

In this way we let emotions control us and then enter two trades. It’s best to stick to one trade per signal and you’ll be fine. Unless the admins say, you can place more than one trade.

Follow Cristian on YouTube to make your account grow!

The third piece of advice that we want to give you is to continue watching Cristian’s videos. There is nothing wrong with overcoming knowledge. What you can do is memorize everything that Cristian says in his webinars and in this way be able to apply them in your business.

We recommend you go to BLW Trading Academy; the academy is 100% free and you will be able to find everything you need to know to follow the signals. https://blwtradingacademy.com/

Cristian gives us one last piece of advice!

Here is one of the secrets of Cristian’s success. He doesn’t watch educational videos once or twice. He watches them at least fifty times. This is to memorize exactly what the person is teaching him.

In that way, it will stay in his subconscious, and he will be able to remember it. So that’s what you need to do with his videos. Take advantage of free education to make your account grow! There are hundreds of videos or tutorials that cost hundreds of dollars, but BLW offers you FREE education. So, what you should do is try to get all that knowledge for free. What BLW gives you is more than enough for you to start making money.


If you follow each of these tips, we are 100% sure that your results will improve favorably and your income will be much better. We hope that the shared information can be of great help for your personal training!