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Is it possible to make 26 winning trades in a row? In the following article, we will see how you can win 26 positions in a row. This is with the BLW Binary Master App. Remember that there you can trade with Cristian AP and make money every day at 15 GMT. We want to show you how much money people are earning with the BLW BINARY MASTER APP!

Winning trades with the BLW Binary Master App!

It is a nice application where Cristian usually sends his signals. What he and another expert, Marcel, do is analyze the market and the brokers.  Then they will share with you what the entry points would be so that everyone will trade together. Now we will see the results that he had lately. Cristian had 5 wins and one loss, 9 wins and one loss, 7 wins and zero losses, and so on.

The results are sent via Telegram.

Let’s also see the results that were sent by Telegram, if you are not part of the Telegram channel you should do it, it is 100% free https://t.me/BLWOnlineTrading.

Recently, Marcel had 12 wins and one loss, which makes it 92.31% profitable! On the other hand, Cristian had 11 wins and 0 losses, which was 100% profitable. Usually, Cristian does not send many signals, but lately, he tells us that he has been feeling motivated, so he shares more signals than usual. That is why we have had a lot of winning trades!

So, if you want to join you already know what to do! Once you join, we recommend that you go to the webinars, you will find a button that says Cristian’s webinars. You will be able to see the latest webinars and you will be able to use those as indicators of what you should do to follow Cristian’s signals. You can review them all to know what to do and then you can do it yourself.

Follow the winning signals of Cristian or Marcel

Now, if you want you can follow Cristian or follow Marcel who also sends live signals only with different schedules than Cristian’s. Marcel sends the signals at different times since he knows how the market will go during those times. Actually, he sends a lot of information regarding each of the signals, Marcel has more than 2000 followers of his signals, which is great!

Prices of the BLW Binary Master App.

You will have the option of 3 different prices:

For a month the value is $67, and you will have access to 10 master classes, live webinars, support for MT4, and 70 to 80% accuracy.

Then, for 6 months the value is $367. you will have access to 10 master classes, live webinars, support for MT4, 70 to 80% accuracy, and live trading by Cristian AP. And finally, for 1 year the value is $667. You will have access to 10 master classes, live webinars, MT4 support, 70 to 80% accuracy, and live trading by Cristian AP.


We want to give you the invitation to join them every day as they have trading sessions with options trading. So, all you must do is join this winning application.  We hope that the information in this article has been very helpful to you and that you can be successful as a professional trader.