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Is it possible to use the 2 minute strategy on weekends? Today we will talk about a question that Cristian has been asked. It is it worth it or is it possible to use the 2-minute strategy on weekends? So, we will see if it is possible to trade the market in OTC!

What is the 2 minute strategy?

For people who don’t know what the 2 minute strategy is, we are going to put a link at the end of the article explaining you what it is. We have plenty of videos and articles explaining what this strategy is all about. So, make sure you actually check it out before you start trading your account or practicing on the demo account.

It is basically an strategy where you trade with a 2 minute expiry time and you must enter once the lines cross. Here you can learn how to configure your moving averages, how to configure the MACD, how to configure the time, and intervals for the 2-minute strategy at that time. Of course, for those who do not know what OTC is, it is like a mirror of what happened during the trading market during weekdays. And, it is not 100% recommended that you trade on weekends. So, we’ll see if we can trade on weekends with this very short time strategy.

How does the 2-minute strategy work on weekends?

Cristian tells us that it is very safe to operate with 5% of the balance with this strategy. And, you can make profits from 88% at the time the operations are closed.

So the OTC market as we mentioned before is not the real market. It is just a mirror of the market. So, this could be the reason why the market goes crazy. So Cristian did some tests with the OTC market and he tells us that his account did not grow that much using the 2 minute strategy.

He only placed 4 positions, which he only won 3 and has 1 loss. So this is how the makret behaves on weekends. The market is not going to be volatile, that is for sure much more stable than on Fridays and Mondays. So, we recommend you to use the weekends to operate on a demo account to practice with the strategy!

In that way, you’ll start knowing how the strategy works so you can apply it on your live account on the weekdays!


So, be careful when dealing with this market and practice on OTC demo accounts as much as you can before you jump in with real money. But if the weekends are the only times you have to earn money, the 2-minute strategy can definitely be very helpful. We hope that the information in this article will be very helpful to you.