$1,900 IN PROFITS!

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Is it possible to make profits without doing anything? We’ll see how Cristian AP managed to make $1900 without doing anything. First of all, he got information from a company that he really likes, it’s about funded accounts.

What the company basically does is that you buy the financed account, and they make money for you.  The biggest risk is that you could lose your money, so Cristian decided to give it a try because it sounded too good to be true.

Can someone make profits for you?

How can someone just manage your account and make profits for you? Why doesn’t the company do it on its own? At the end of the day they end up getting a cut from that funded account.  So this will allow you to do that, get a cut from the specific withdrawal of those earnings.

Cristian’s first profits!

Now we will see the results that have the first positions. They only use gold, which is fine. It doesn’t really matter, we can have an account with exactly 100,000 dollars. So, you will have a profit of approximately 1900 dollars, not bad at all.

Cristian’s goal is to be able to reach $10,000, so he is going to do a few days of trading. The allowable loss is $5,000 and the maximum loss right now is $11,000. At the end of the day, Cristian wanted to see if it was profitable or not and it really worked!

Cristian had low expectations

Cristian tells us that he honestly had very low expectations, but he has been testing it for 3 weeks and now his expectations are really higher. This system also has a 100% refund policy which is an amazing thing. I’s a very thoughtful thing on the part of this company.


So far there hasn’t been a red flag or anything for this company, it’s really doing a very good job. So stay tuned for the following articles as we will bring you updates on this company. We hope that the information in this article is of great help so that you can learn, in some way, to generate money in any way that we bring you!