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Is it possible to make $1,700 in profits with just one trade?

Well, Cristian AP did  it! And now he wants to earn at least $2,000 in profit with the EA-funded account. Let’s see how he did it!

What is a partial closure?

This is super important if you want to make profits with a trade! For people who don’t know it’s basically on MT4 or any other broker where you can lock in some profits. For example, we have 3 positions, and we want to close a position. You double-click it and a menu will appear so you can choose. So, close the lot and you will only leave 2 positions to run.

It is something that you should start applying for right now! In this way, you can avoid some losses. That is what helped Cristian to make profits with just one trade!

How to apply partial closure to one trade?

Some people leave the whole trade running for the whole time. And if it comes back to your break-even point and you didn’t make any money it will not be good. But you could have made something if you apply a partial closure.

You should do that right now, a partial close. To close a lot, you only have to double-click click as we mentioned to you before. The profit will be less, but it will be safe! This is super important. And it doesn’t really matter what happens next because you will already have profits! In this way Cristian obtained $1000 in profits with just one trade!

How did Cristian take this trade?

For people who don’t know, Cristian has been following this specific signal using the BLW Signals Group. It is one of the biggest Forex communities. There, a group of experts sends the best signals for Forex.

So, Cristian is just copying the data and putting it in order. Each specific trader has their ways of sending signals.  Cristian tells us that he has personally seen in the signals that sometimes there are good entry points, and they are not sent as he would do, but he respects each of these signals. If you join this group, you’ll be able to have a lot of opportunities to make profits!

In case you want to join, we’ll leave you the link here https://www.blwsignalsgroup.com It’s a nice opportunity you can’t miss, you’ll get free education, access to an amazing community, and the best Forex signals with accessible prices!

You should join the BLW Signals Group!

If you want to work your trades this way without doing all the tedious work of analyzing the market for hours, just follow the BLW signals. We also recommend that you take the free training at the BLW Trading Academy. With this training, you will be able to have the greatest possible potential with this group of signals! You will be ready to make a lot of money.

The best are the prices, you’ll not find more accessible prices than these:

-1 MONTH per just $47.00

-6 MONTHS $427.00

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We hope you have enjoyed the content that we shared with you and above all, that it is very useful for your daily business.! Remember to take the free courses, it’s something you won’t get anywhere else in any way! The BLW signals group is without a doubt one of the best groups in this great industry.