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Would you like to make as much money as we are doing now?

If that is your case, this article is for you! We’ll see how the CEO of BLW, Cristian AP, was able to reach up to 10,000 dollars in profit. It was a challenge that he started using Quotex broker, one of the most recommended brokers in binary options!

Previous challenges! Take the risk!

In a video that we will leave at the end of this article, we’ll see Cristian tells us that about a year ago he challenged himself to take $1 to $5,000, which took about 4 days. Yeah, just 4 days because he is an experienced trader!

So, this time he wanted to take the challenge of taking $10 and taking them up to 10,000 dollars in a more conservative way, so he took all his money from his Quotex account and withdraw it to his bitcoin, leaving only the 10 dollars in his broker!

Cristian AP only placed 5% of the balance, it took him a total of 16 days to achieve this, around 3 and a half weeks to achieve it. Which is wonderful!

How it was possible to make so much money?

Everything started on May 4, starting with $10 and gradually increasing to 11, 12, 15, 20,35,40,50,60,100,150,250,350, so these were the first positions that Cristian AP actually placed. This whole path took about 3 months.

There were occasions in which Cristian AP told us that he entered some positions too late, but that in some moments this gave him new opportunities to enter more positions because he kept falling and the RSI was being touched again!

At this point Cristian AP tells us that he was reaching the sum of 8,140 dollars, he kept entering positions with pairs such as GBP USD, 2 pairs at a time because they were giving him a good opportunity. So, as you can see, if you take the risk, you can achieve that amount of money, but only if you feel ready!

If you do not feel ready to trade using a real account and if you are just starting in trading, you can try on a demo account so you can learn as much as possible!

Winning pairs!

Cristian tells us that trading was quite simple for him, with the position  GBP/USD he was a very good victory so it reached 8620 dollars, the last positions that he placed were not as conservative as the previous ones, the RSI was crossed for which he was looking for other pairs.

More positions… Then he decided to enter all positions, for which he made a total profit of about 4500 dollars! Actually, he made a total of $10,132, in his late position he tried to hurry because it was getting boring already!

Challenge completed!

It was an awesome challenge as you can see! Cristian could complete the challenge, so, what are you waiting? Do the challenge too! But remember our recommendations, only if you feel ready!

We hope this article has helped you!