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Today we’ll show you the profits we made with the NZDUSD trade. It was sent in the BLW Signals Group, it was incredibly profitable and is still going in that direction!

Cristian tells us about this trade!

This trade was sent by a person from the signal group. He sent a NZD/USD sending the entry price, the take profit level and the stop loss level. This was on December 6. The signal was sent correctly, and it was activated at night.

Then, it began to fall, and it reached a level where it was possible to measure how many pips the trade had fallen. We would be talking about a total of 139 pips. Awesome, right? The most important thing in the BLW community is the risk reward ratio. This was about 12-5, so far it has gone up to 4-62 which basically turns around 4-8% in profit. This, depending on how much you are risking for each operation you place.

Who sent this trade?

Harry was the person who sent this signal to the Discord channel. Cristian says that he let it run around 1.45pm local time, did take profit and did a partial close. Basically, it means if you invested 400 in your stop lost you can have a profit of $4,000.

So, if you are for 25% profit it means you probably use about $1000 and you can close half. So, you make 500 profit and leave the rest of the investment and wait. If you know how to play with your numbers, you can partially close and then move the stop loss. The important thing is that you will never lose that specific position!

The best signals in the BLW Signals Group!

Positions like this are sent all the time in the BLW Signals Group. If you are wondering what the group of signals is, we will leave you the link at the end of the article so that you can visit the page.

Basically, what you can do is to copy the positions of the operations and thus have the same results. The signal managers will do the previous analysis of the market and then they will send you the signal, real signals!

Prices of the BLW Signals Group!

You can get this amazing product at different prices! The 1-month plan for $47, 240 Forex signals available, Discord live chat. We also have the 6-month plan for $247, 1,440 Forex signals available, Discord live chat. And finally, the 1-year plan for $427, 2,280 Forex signals available, Discord live chat.


So, if you want to enter the BLW Signals Group, now you have all the information you needed to know. We hope that the information can be very helpful for your training as a professional trader!